Claudia Mann, MEd

Montessori Mentor

How will you feel

when you witness hundreds of children 

following their hearts

into adulthoods that matter?

I’ve seen it and so will you! 

Let’s do it together.

“Sowing the seeds of learning …as Montessori told us to do… leads children to create lives filled with meaning and purpose.”

Claudia Mann, MEd

I LIVE and PRACTICE Montessori’s vision for humanity by


…with Cosmic Vision and Education at the heart


…schools that support ALL individuals to thrive


… adults discover their own Montessori path

About Claudia

Montessori still fuels my passion for a world of peaceful, triumphant adults!

Yet, I faced nearly every trial a life-long Montessorian can encounter:

  • As an assistant – I felt uncertain in how to be purposeful.
  • As a Guide – I worried I wasn’t enough: inspiring enough, teaching enough, helping-my-students-master enough
  • As a school leader – I felt scattered putting out fires when I wanted to focus on organizational goals.
  • As a school founder – I doubted whether I’d be able to attract the students, the financial support, the building of my dreams…you name it: Doubt was my middle name!


Did I fail? You bet! Sometimes I had to learn the hard way.

Did I succeed? Absolutely!

Would I do it all again? No question! 

With Montessori tools and inspiration, you can work through your challenges, too! 

Let’s do this together!

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