Claudia offers a variety of services to meet many educational needs.

A Montessori parent, teacher, Head of School, teacher-trainer, and school founder, Claudia combines three levels of certification with 30+ years of experience in a wide-variety of educational settings to help you pinpoint the actions that bring results. 

Let’s do this together!

Work With Me

Helping you succeed and find joyful peace as you do your Montessori work.

Together we’ll create your personal action plan using my insights and guidance tailored just for you! 

I’ll help you 

  • Define and prioritize
  • Hone your “to do” list into purpose-driven tasks
  • Make step-by-step progress using replicable strategies. 
  • In these topics and more: 
    • Classroom management
    • Curriculum and time management
    • Managing the demands of students, staff, or parents…or all of them!
    • Working with difficult relationships
    • Finding your joy!

Working with your team of teachers, staff or families, I’ll guide you to develop a cohesive vision with practical applications and follow-up for bringing that vision to life.  

You choose the length and depth within the topic of your choice. Here are a few to choose from: 

  • A Community of Observers
  • Learning Made Manageable
  • Meeting the needs of the Adolescent
  • The Practical Parenting Class

With more than 15 years experience and dozens of presentations delivered, Claudia inspires teachers, parents and administrators with her passion for Montessori in a wide variety of subjects.

  • Liven-up the Timeline of Life!
  • The Cosmic Curriculum: Brain-based, Critically Thought-Provoking, Integrating Academic Skills
  • The Inclusive Montessori Classroom: One Family’s Experience of Belonging
  • Get Out and Rock! Geology and Earth Science in Your Home Town: A hands-on experimental presentation (recommended for 1.5 hours or more.
  • How to Truly Know Your Child …with Observation!
  • Using the Human Tendencies to Develop Compassionate Teaching

The Demystifying Cosmic Education Membership

​​Join a  community of Montessorians committed to growing their practice together through zoom meetings, video instructional guidance and collaborative investigation of Montessori tools and techniques. 

We follow a progression of monthly topics designed to keep you making progress toward your personal objectives, within a group of both new and experienced teachers and administrators.

  • Meet live at least twice a month…often more. And all sessions are taped and posted for later or repeated viewing.
  • Get lessons and materials to put skill-building and inspired Cosmic Education into your classroom or school
  • Share the love of Montessorians who care about YOU! Our group loves to love on each other in all the supportive ways, sharing their own valuable experiences to hold you up in tough times
  • And lots more…

Courses & Materials

Our teaching-life keeps us very busy, so being able to get our professional development through self-directed and self-scheduled online courses and workshops is a real value! When they come with free or low-priced materials, they can be a super-time-saver!


Self-directed workshops and courses allow you to learn on your own time and schedule. We offer a wide variety of subjects to help you in your Montessori journey. 

Materials (coming soon)

Free and For Sale, our Ready-to-Print materials save time and combine interests with skill-building.