Stepping out of the busy-ness 

[The Teacher] must first love and understand the universe.

She must therefore prepare herself and work at it.”

Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence pg. 20

Are you plagued by the articles about the danger of being too busy? Just try Google-ing “the danger of being too busy” and you’ll be inundated with warnings of the health and relationship wellness that can suffer under the weight of “too busy.”

My children give me no end of grief about how much I “work,” yet so much of what I work “at” feels like an insatiable passion that fuels my heart and soul. I have “truly worked at loving and understanding the Universe” and my passion for it has turned into a life filled with opportunities for more and more “work.”


I’ve just returned from a week with my children. In terms of physicality, it was more work than I’ve done in years…and my muscles are protesting loudly!  But I stepped away from my computer and into empty time with nothing to fill it but walks along the seashore, gentle evenings listening to live music, and hours of conversation and quiet as I put my focus on being present to them.

When we rolled up the lane that ended my son’s move with a 3-day car trip from Seattle to Valley Center, I couldn’t wait to do nothing…as in sitting alongside my husband in the cool shade of our newly designed garden… and just BE.

As you say goodbye to the 2021-2022 school year, I offer you some encouragement for stepping out of the busy-ness through this Lifehack article: 21 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Proud of Being Busy.

After the week I’ve just had, #1 tops my list, too, but there are many of the 21 reasons that land as tough reminders of what is given up when I choose busy-ness. After the joys of being present last week, I’m recommitting myself to more paying attention, being aware, and taking life just a little slower. I hope you will too!

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